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Welcome to Satpura Academy....

We build upon the basis that the future of our world rests upon the quality of its youth. Quality comes through care and attention. In having to raise children of quality and purpose, to make them the kind of citizens the world needs so much today than ever before, we have to educate children not just with instructions but train them in that direction with all the attention and care they deserve.

When one takes children on hand , an opportunity is there to encourage in them proper sort of impulses than letting them get cramped with narrow and bigoted egocentrism. The system of education in a progressive society must be in direct proportion to the people's life . It should be a system that irrigates mind, intellect , culture and spiritual life in all their aspects through its life giving process of inner growth and outer expressions.


Aims and Objectives of Satpura Academy

  • We are all well prepared to reach the goal of our studies, which is to gain Knowledge (total vision of life) with which we can serve the world efficiently.
  • To prepare the students to live their lives fully and successfully by imparting to them the vision of life (Jnanam - Knowledge)
  • To instill in the students the spirit of service in all walks of life so that they become responsible citizens of the future (Seva - Service)
  • To make the students capable of facing challenges of life efficiently and carve out their own future (Kaushalam - Efficiency)
  • To provide a balanced and life-orientated school programme by incorporating progressive techniques, learning theories and methodologies
  • To provide a conducive environment to learn and live the right values and appreciate the glory of our culture.



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Why Us

Excellent Infrastructure

Our institution’s infrastructure comes among city’s best infrastructure.

Best Staff

We have a well trained and best staff which shows student a right path.

Smart Classes

We have a smart class too where students get the opportunity to learn digital.

Personal, Friendly Support

Also we provide a personal and friendly support to our students.

Our Staff


  • Mr. Naresh Pancholi



    English Teacher
  • Mukesh Pandey

    Grammer Teacher
  • Rajni Chorsiya

  • Shikha Bhargav

    . Teacher