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A Quick Recap of the facilities available in our institution-

This is to give you a glimpse into the facilities and infrastructure available at Satpura Academy, Dewas

Here it is necessary to say with emphasis that all the under mentioned facilities are not merely for advertisement sake, they are not "on paper" facilities meant to lure parents to the institution, Each of them is real and on ground and meant to facilitated the learning process and make it more enjoyable. As is the norm in nearly all well established School we have SMART class enables class rooms.


Daily Assembly:-  Our morning assembly we try to promote secular values, discipline, patriotism and self confidence among other thing, the assembly is a golden opportunity for your child to improve his presentation skills and to get rid of stage fear. The morning assembly gives importance to English as well as Hindi, one of the benefits of this assembly is that it encourages children to speak in English as an early age.


Bachpan:-   As the name indicates is a set of classrooms, totally devoted for the lower age group (3 to 5 yrs.) the rooms are well designed and are equipped with toys, plastic models and a variety of other attractive items for tiny-tots. We take special pride in presenting the special play zone for kids.


Dedicated Staff:-  Our staff consists of well qualified, trained and experienced teachers who know subject and understand their subjects (their students).


Sports and games:-  We have spacious grounds for outdoor sports and games like football, vollyball, cricket, Kho-Kho, athletics etc. We also have facilities for indoor games such as chess, carom, badminton etc.


Library:-  Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body," said Francis Bacon. And to exercise the minds of children as well as staff, we have well stocked library consisting of more than 5000 books in Hindi and English in addition to newspapers, magazines and other periodicals.


Medical Facility:-  General Medical Checkup by well qualified doctor is done on a regular basis.


Educational trips:- Our School conducts educational trips to historical sites and other places of interest from time to time. A nominal amount is charged for such excursions.


Conveyance:-  School Bus facility is available for students within a radius of 35 KMS from the campus site.


Easy access to Management :-  All parents have easy access to the School's Management. In case parents have a problem, they only have to call a specific number and our contact person will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.




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